We are happy to report that in all cases the roofs were installed to a very high standard, with minimal disruption to the tenants and their customers and were very competitively priced.

We are also happy to report that post roof maintenance and additional work related to the installation of air conditioners and other devices was timely and reasonably priced. The timeliness includes service in inclement weather which we appreciate as our buildings are located between Chilliwack and North Vancouver.

We would highly recommend Town and Country Roofing and we look forward to working with Mr. Kelly Brack on future roof replacements.



Bill Grace, CGA


Having worked with Town & Country Roofing for too many years to count, I can attest to the fact that this company is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to their customers. They have gone above and beyond too many times to count in responding to emergencies at the properties in my portfolio. Their responses have enabled me to minimize discomfort or business interruption for tenants in the commercial buildings I manage. Kelly and his crew are one of the most reliable resources in my “toolkit”.

In addition to prompt service for leaks, their roof replacements, repairs, cleaning, and inspection services are always completed in a timely manner. They stand behind their work, and will advise on the projected life span for a roof, flashing, or associated materials. There will be no “up-selling”, or soliciting work that is unwarranted.

I highly recommend Town & Country Roofing for any commercial requirements and look forward to a continuing partnership with them.



Bunny Wortman, RPA
Property Manager